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Discover how powerful data and design can change your life

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A master of both creative design and data analytics, Iberia Zafira can work with you to refine your business and help your vision thrive. From the highest levels to the smallest details, you will gain:

  1. A deep, integrated understanding of how the data, design and people work together

  2. A plan for how to communicate aspects of your business to diverse audiences

  3. Actionable suggestions for sustained growth via planning and reporting

Coming from a multi-cultural background, Iberia has worked in and studied across the US, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Her 15+ years of experience includes $5B+ fundraising campaigns, sales divisions with accounts $30M+ and seed start-ups. Iberia's design clients have included the World Health Organization, European Commission and she has won awards for her writing.

In her free time, Iberia enjoys hikes, Hawaii, Strongman Lifting, and learning languages. She likes to be in community around: health equity, youth empowerment, sustainability, and spirituality. She can be found writing or drawing over a warm cup of spiced tea.

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  • Fundraising Analysis

  • Sales Operations Analysis

  • KPI planning and review

  • Dashboards and reporting

  • Data management and training


  • Logos and branding

  • Infographics

  • Board and management decks

  • Org dynamics and culture

  • Corporate and personal gifts

  • Travel experiences


  • Low code tools e.g. Adalo, Softr

  • User research

  • Prototyping

  • Design thinking


B.S. Stanford University with Honors

+ Harvard Business School, MIT, UCLA Anderson and UC Berkeley Extension

+ AI for Business Leaders, Programming in Python, Conflict Mediation

+ Conversational Arabic, French, Spanish, Tagalog


Say Aloha to Iberia! Portfolio available upon request.


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